Posted on 2017-09-14 07:00:52 CEST.

Raimo Tuominen joins as Project Director, Nils Grafström appointed as adviser to the board.

Raimo Tuominen joins Boreal Bioref Oy as Project Director

Boreal Bioref has appointed Mr Raimo Tuominen as Project Director.  Since 1992, Mr Tuominen has gained significant experience within the forestry industry and from industrial construction projects.  He has worked in Germany, Austria, Russia, Australia, Brazil and other countries on challenging planning and project roles.  Mr Tuominen’s core skill is the management of demanding construction projects from planning to completion.  Considering his additional and extensive planning coordination and leadership experience, we have found an excellent addition to the management team of the bio-refinery project in Kemijärvi.

Raimo Tuominen will assume responsibility for the planning and construction of the bio-refinery.  He is committed to the task and the scope of his role also includes the start-up of production.

CAMCE, Boreal Bioref’s partner has played a central role in the recruitment process of Raimo Tuominen.  Tuominen is born in northern Finland and he counts hunting, fishing and exercise, such as skiing among his interests.

Nils Grafström appointed as adviser to the board of Boreal Bioref Oy

The highly respected and experienced Mr Nils Grafström has been appointed as adviser to the board by Silvi Industries.  Mr Grafström is a former Executive Vice President and member of the management team of Stora Enso. He also held positons as Group General Counsel, Secretary of the Board and was responsible for various functions, including Group mergers and acquisitions, Group worldwide sales offices, Group Logistics and Group IT. 

Within the Stora Enso Group, Mr Grafström was also the Chairman of the Board of the Celbi pulp mill (Portugal).  In addition, during his distinguished career at Stora Enso, Mr Grafström was President of the Latin America division, Chairman of the Board of the Arapoti paper mill (Brazil), Chairman of the steering committee for the construction of the Veracel pulp mill (Brazil), CEO of Veracel and Chairman of the Board of the Veracel pulp mill.  During the construction phase of the Montes del Plata pulp mill (Uruguay), Mr Grafström was the Chairman of the Board and a member of the construction steering committee.

Mr Grafström is a partner of Silvi Industries, a JV together with CAMCE with the purpose of constructing pulp mills around the world.

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