A one-of-a-kind summer job


Posted on 2018-08-24 14:46:00 CEST.

The number of people at the Boreal Bioref’s office nearly doubled in the spring when summer employees Essi Kanniainen and Tiina Nyyssönen started their summer job at the office. However, the young women would not describe their summer job as just office work.

19-year-old Essi and 21-year-old Tiina's work at Boreal Bioref's office includes, inter alia, taking care of domestic and international correspondence, translation work and organization of business visits.
"We have done so many different things here in Boreal Bioref that it's impossible to list them. Every day at work is different and that's what makes this summer job so great", Essi says.
This is Essi's first summer at Boreal Bioref's office and the second one for Tiina.
"The atmosphere at the office is great and in difficult situations co-workers always answer questions and help out. All in all, the summer job at Boreal Bioref has been a very positive and interesting experience that will surely be useful in the future", Tiina describes.
Both Essi and Tiina will be heading to Helsinki in the autumn. Tiina will continue studying music for the second year at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Essi will begin her English studies in the University of Helsinki. Essi and Tiina, who have become friends through the fun summer job, are planning to see each other in Helsinki.
Boreal Bioref wishes the summer employees the best of luck and success for the future!

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Summer workers successfully co-ordinate, for example, all Boreal Bioref visitors during the summer. A picture of visiting a forest destination in July.